Thursday 14 June 2007

Moving On

I've doing a bit of taking stock and I feel it's only fair to include you all in the conclusions I have come to regarding this blog and it's future.

This not an excercise in navel gazing. I simply think this is a good time to invite your opinions on certain topics, because I like to think that this blog belongs 50% to me and 50% to it's readers.

Firstly, regarding subjects for discussion over at Blogpower, which all of you can follow, there are a set of principles which led to Blogpower being formed. These are very good principles indeed. These principles, put simply, are that when people care strongly enough about what they think and feel to set up a blog to share those views with the world, they generally do so because, in their own way, they think those opinions are worth sharing. Sometimes those opinions may not be to out taste. In some cases most of us find those opinions wrong. They may even offend us. But if we know that site may offend us, we don't have to click that link.

I think most people who read this site get an idea of my stance generally. And you know I disagree with certain viewpoints. But that's not the issue here.
For every one of you who agrees with my ideas and opinions, there will be ten who don't. I'm quite sure there are people in Blogpower who would object to sharing a blogroll with me.
But Blogpower is bigger than that.

Blogpower represents the chance to replace the term 'violently oppose' with 'discuss rationally'. It is a positive development in the bloggosphere.

None of us are aiming at the destruction of the human race. We all want a brighter future, by our own lights. We all just seek a voice.

Just as I think Holocaust Denial Laws are counter-productive, I would rather share a blogroll with, and discuss with, those I oppose, than lose that chance to find common ground, because humanity generally has wasted too much time in bitterness and hatred.
We don't have time for that in the bloggosphere.

We shouldn't discriminate against the discriminators, or what exactly is so superior about our philosophy?

Now on to matters affecting this blog. Monday already seems to have become Site poll day, so that will stay. A new feature, which I'd like to make regular, is Guest Post Day. I'm thinking of making it Wednesday. I think it's time we opened up here to anyone who has a view to offer.
All offers welcome.
I have a few ideas already, some of which may surprise you...

Secondly, I'm thinking of doing some upgrades, possibly to the banner, maybe elsewhere, but I have no clear ideas yet. I thought I'd get some feedback from readers first.

Ideas anyone?

This really is one of these posts where I am asking all of you what you want from this blog, because I do think, as I said it belongs 50% to me, and 50% to it's readers.

I REALLY DO welcome as much input here as is offered.


Anonymous said...


Guest posting's a good idea.

What's this Monday poll idea?

Anonymous said...

Very good idea to have guest posters.I allow you to post a thought or two of mine..............if you play your cards right. :)

Anonymous said...

Pommygranate- The last few weeks I have put a new poll up every Monday, with a summary of the results from the poll just concluded posted late evening. This week's is already a little redundant, but generally I try to ask questions ordinary pollsters don't ask, or don't ask as bluntly.

I hope we can get a regular flow of guest posts coming in. It makes a change from just getting my range of opinions and it could mean some really good debates.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... I realize that I have few opinions, but possibly that's because all this seems out of my scope..;-) Ermm.... I like reading personal stuff better than general news...I'd like you to write yourself into these posts a little more, but perhaps that's just me...;-)

Guest posting may be interesting...

Anonymous said...

All of us want a brighter future for the human race ?

It is defining what is 'brighter' that is the problem - Hitler wanted that too you know.

Political blogging is fun but can detract wholly from effective activities, ie party membership and participation in the real community.

Anonymous said...

Not really sure what you are looking for here. CBI.

Guest blogging is a strange one. Why not just put a link to their site if they are a blogger, and most of them are?

I like polls.

As far as differing sites go I link to some that I totally diagree with but like to read because a) other viewpoints need to be understood b) Someof them are worth listening to c) Some of them are good for a laugh.

I like a mixtureof personal and general posts. I'm not interested in reading about someone walk over the weekend unless it has a point, beside exercise that is.

I'm also not realy into all this infighting either. It's pointless. There always is differences of opinion and on some areas people are so far apart that compromise or acceptance is just not going to happen. It's life.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a good idea. Are you going to have topics for someone to post on? For instance, you could have BNP or sockpuppet posting on why the next leader of their country should be black/woman.

Anonymous said...

Having rambled around your postings for some time, I would be disappointed to find that you were a man who didnt believe in freedom of speech and more so that you were not a man to stand up for your own right to speak out / publish your own thoughts.
That any individual or semi organised group wishes to differ from your thoughts or level criticism at content, design or integrity of your publication should not deter you from continuing with the status quo.
My vote. Your blog, your ideas your call

Anonymous said...

Eve- I try and avoid current too much, because there are already too many blogs which focus on the day's news. I do have the occasional post which deals with the realities of my(fairly mundane) existence. Why, do you want sordid tales from my past? There are plenty...

E-K- Not a great believer in political parties. I think the more people discuss and agree on what is brighter, the better. Otherwise our course can be dictated by those, like Hitler, that we don't really want at the helm.

Bag- The thing with links to sites, is if ten read your post, six may go through the link. Of those three will leace the comment at the post in question, three at your post. It's a little unfair on the author. I think also it's a bit like having a guest speaker.

I agree with you entirely on the infighting. What I was saying is that Blogpower is supposed to a brad church and I wouldn't want to see attempts made to expell certain groups, simply because we dislike them.

Phishez- Funny you should say that. I WAS thinking of inviting a BNP blogger in to explain his party's policies on race on this blog.
Not Sock Puppet though. I suspect he may not actually have been a bona fide BNP activist.

Clyde- There were two separate issues in the post. One is that in light of certain recent events (which have led to high passions, mine included) there is some pressure for Blogpower to throw out the baby with the bath water and adopt a more rigid policy on membership. I don't like the politics of the blogs that most people would like to exclude, but I'd rather have them inside pissing out, then outside pissing in.

The other issue is just trying new things out here. I think offering someone a chance to present a different view one day out of seven doesn't do any harm, it provides variation and opens up debate.

Somtimes, It may also lead people to discover other great blogs out there.

Anonymous said...


Do what you want with the blog, then ask for comments :)

Ok, all joking aside. The polls are fun, not really telling anything, but fun to see who thinks what on any given issue.

Guest poster... have to agree with bag on this one, unless you can get someone that doesn't have a blog to guest post, that would indeed be a good thing.

As to layout/look, play with it (that's what I did). Some people like mine, some hate it, but it's what I wanted to do with it that counted :)

Anonymous said...

I .... er I..... er haven't a clue?

I am willing to do a guest post - I have one on the development of Anarchist thinking since Bakunin, which may interest you, it is about 20,000 words....

Anonymous said...

I think you take this whole blog thing waaaay too seriously. We're not changing the world, we're not doing anything noble, we're all just killing time on the intarweb.

However, It's your blog, so I suggest you try to please only yourself. you will never please everyone.

Anonymous said...

I think you should post more pictures of twat. And cats.

Anonymous said...

Lord Nazh- There are a number of reasons which incline me towards guest posts;
1. It opens up debate.
2. It provides people with posts they may not have expected to see here. Variety is the spice of life.
3. It enables people to get a feel for other bloggers they may not otherwise check out. Look at it this way, I found the whole idea of 'most underrated blogger' a slight paradox, because the REAL underrated bloggers, by definition, wouldn't be getting voted for. I can show you many blogs, which I think are genuinely underrated.
4. On a selfish note, it gives me day when I don't have to do a post and can visit other blogs- I don't visit nearly enough.

Mutley- It sounds good, but may need condensing...

Steph- I don't know about killing time. If I want to kill time, I go down the pub. I don't think that individuals can change much on their own, but it's good to talk. It's pointless having thoughts if you don't put them down somewhere. No one's contribution is worthless.

Most of what I do nine to five is completely useless from the point of view of mankind, my social life is fairly pleasure oriented, so what you get here is my frustrated yearnings for something meaningful.

JJ- Those are both constructive suggestions. Not really into cats, though...

Anonymous said...

You state the Blogpower principles very well and I agree with you that it is always better to try to discuss where possible - wars might have been avoided that way [real, not blog ones!] Also agree that we don't have to visit a blog whos eviews we find objectionable. I suppose it might depend how objectionable, in the end. I like your polls, too. I think guest posting is a good idea but I like reading YOU. I think you have a great mixture of light and serious posts on this blog. Try your new ideas and see what happens!

Anonymous said...

I disagree that blogging constitutes killing time.

Crushed, you said: "Most of what I do nine to five is completely useless from the point of view of mankind, my social life is fairly pleasure oriented, so what you get here is my frustrated yearnings for something meaningful."

Right. And it is meaningful. Trying to better understand the world we live in, and considering philosophical questions like the nature of morality and being and truth (as you've done with your posts paying tribute to Nietzsche) isn't a waste of time, it's vital.

It's great that the blogosphere has the potential to offer this kind of dialogue to those of us who are aching for it and don't get it elsewhere.

I like your blog as it is, incidentally.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would! It'd make you seem less like a disembodied voice throwing out thought-provoking ideas... lol ;-)

Anonymous said...

Welshcakes- In spite of recent events, there should be a place in Blogpower for Central News, and UK News and Politics too. I would draw the line at the Islamanazi site (should it want to join), which Wayne promotes in a recent post, because the sole purpose of that site is to promote religous hatred.
I'm glad you like reading me, but remember, if the guest posts are good and thought provoking, you'll get my views at length in the comments section.

Ruthie- I agree with you, I think blogging itself is developing as a medium. Recent comments by our leaders suggest that the bloggosphere unnerves them a little, because of the freeflow of ideas. It's not up there with Caxton's Printing press, maybe, but it is a positive step.
Look at the quality of intellects and wits in Blogpower. How likely such a group would meet by chance in the pub?
I like going to the pub. But when there I tend to talk football.

Eve- You get the odd story about my friends and the odd idea of my musical tastes, but I see you want something juicier. I have 28 years of a fairly disreputable life history to tap into, so I'll see what I can do...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the best maxim is: "I blog, therefore I can." "I can therefore I do."