Thursday 28 June 2007

The Wise Man on The Hill

I met a wise man on a hill.
He bade me be silent, he bade me be still.
I sat in silence, deep in thought
and then I told him the answer I sought;
'Wise man, you know our minds and souls,
you know our desires, our failings, our goals.
We could build a paradise, but tell me why,
it is the destiny of all men to die?'

The dusk came down upon the hill.
He bade me be silent, he bade me be still.
He sat in silence, deep in thought
and then he gave me the answer I sought;
'Young man, in your dreams of youth,
asking your questions, yet missing the truth,
if you had eternity on this earth,
would you take the time to find it's worth?'

The wise man left me on the hill.
The night was calm, the night was still.
I sat in silence, deep in thought
and this is the answer I realised I sought.
The tale is old, yet man is young,
his tale the greatest that will ever be sung.
We each have our time to play our part,
which means tomorrow is too late to start.

To Pan, Bragi, and Calliope.


Anonymous said...

Wisdom speaks volumes and I might ad trumps youth everytime. We often think we want to live forever on earth. Well, our Soul lives forever in infinity.

BTW - you must have mistakenly gotten Calliope's link mixed up with mine. Now you have to add me to your dedication list. ;D

Anonymous said...

Where did you get this, CBI? I like it very much... gonna keep it!:-)

Anonymous said...

CBI, truly you would place me in an exalted pantheon, although my feet are not cloven hoofed but rather clay, such that I fear to tread in such company.

And now I understand your remark about a Blogpower poet laureate.

Anonymous said...

There was an old man named Fred
Who repeatedly stood on his head
Said a passing youth, to tell you the truth
I think very soon you'll be dead.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to think of that...the poem was nice but the picture a bit scary!

Anonymous said...

Jaffe- Nice thought, but this isn't a current affairs blog. I don't want too much stuff above the blogrolls, otherwise people would ignore them.

Alexys- You are my Calliope today. And today is alive, the future is possible.
The past is dead.

Eve- The words are for everyone, it will be here on this blog whenever you want to read it- I don't mind you borrowing it.

Ian- Andrew Motion. Hmph.

Mutley- I probably will also.
You are the deepest Blogpower has yet produced, my canine chum.

Jenny- The picture seemed to me to sum up the poem. I think a really wise man would like like this, whilst I probably looked like the youth from behind, going back a few years.

Anonymous said...

There was a young blogger named Crushed
whose wisdom he kept rather hushed
He wrote lovely rhymes
which were true of the times
I told him so but he just blushed.

Sorry - best I could do on the g and t. Like that last line about tomorrow. Buona notte.

Anonymous said...

How sweet. Thanks, Calliope has quite a history of her own being the muse for Homer and the inspiration of the Iliad and Odyssey. A great compliment. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be "crazy catlady in that old house on the hill" pretty much soon... in other words, I can relate, but people wouldn't understand how! ;)

Anonymous said...

Jaffe is a kind of spam - a new kind but still a kind of Spam - he posted as Alex on my blog. He is going to become my new best friend..... chuckles...

Did you like my limerick? I have written a poem about breasts... would you like to hear it?

Anonymous said...

If you were going to post a picture of a wise person, why didn't you post my picture? huh?

Anonymous said...

Welshcakes- It's rare I do poetry. This one kind of just came from nowhere.
Though it's already tomorrow. Oh well.

Alexys- This literally was a case of it just sprung into my head, as if delivered by the muse herself...
You must have flown a long way!!!

Heart- Crazy catlady...
I'm intrigued. Elaborate.

Mutley- I figured that. Alexspam popped round as well last week. Why, do I detect some Mutley mischief brewing....?
The breasts verse sounds interesting.

JJ- It was a wise MAN. If it was a wise woman, I'd have posted your picture.

Anonymous said...

Youth is really wasted on the young!

Anonymous said...

Wise men look like bums???

Anonymous said...

That's absolutely lovely, Crushed. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem Crushed. You are such a versatile writer.If you get famous- I WILL be writing a salacious book however.:)

Anonymous said...

Poody- I want mine back.

Jenny- Yes. Being wise, they reject material stuff.
But that doesn't make all bums wise.

Ruthie- Glad you liked it. I know your taste is impeccable, so that means a lot.

The Ego- I move from mood to mood.
I must admit, I quite like this poem myself.
Hmmm. Quiet about the salacious stuff.

Anonymous said...

Me and a bunch of cats. Competing to become the oldest one in the household and therefor get soul posession of the remote control. Cats and me, that is...

What else is there to elaborate on? :D

Anonymous said...

I would have thought you beat the cats there, unless all nine lives count...

Sounds a fight to the death, here.
Not Witches familiars, are they???

What do cats watch anyway, Whisker's commercials?

Unless the cats are a metaphor for catty flatmates, in which case, I've always thought all girl households must be even worse than all male households...

Anonymous said...

Wowwwwwww... reading the comments, I just realized... you wrote it...?!! I wasn't sure before (it was so good that I thought it came from one of those long-dead poets). It's very very good... a stroke of genius...:-)

Anonymous said...

And here I am reading a wekk too late.

It's never too late to change.

Just ask Darth Vader.

Anonymous said...

Eve- Indeed I did. Glad you liked it though. That you DIDN'T realise it was mine is perhaps the greatest praise of all...

David- What can I say? I try and provide variety here.
Darth Vader. True. Do I have to learn to use a lightsabre?