Tuesday 14 August 2007

Enforced Blogging Break- Sorry!

Unfortunately, I'm temporarily offline.
Blame BT.

I hope to get it sorted ASAP.

I will be back as soon as I can be.

There are some interesting posts on the way.

See you all soon!

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Did yer get 21 days again? I told you to wear the good suit and to apologise profusely- also you should have assented to the rehab programme!! Keep yer head down and yer nose clean, do what the screws say, and you should be out in ten days.

Anonymous said...

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we all need a break. It's just the way blogging works. Now I'll be clicking on your blog every damn day until you return.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, C. The ladies are waiting on you....and you can't supply the goods.

Anonymous said...

enjoy your break Crushed! Mine was awesome - all batteries could do with a bit of a re-charge:-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments.

It wasn't intended.