Tuesday 11 December 2007

Good and Evil- They are LOGICAL Concepts

Do I have morals?

Do I have a system of values by which I regulate my life, by which I judge myself and others; a system of values which knowing I am true to, enables me to look myself in the eye, in the mirror every morning?
And be happy to hold contact with myself, smile, and kiss my reflection goodbye?

Of course. If you can't do that to yourself every morning, you leave your home to face the day, a failure, the key to your strength sapped, your faith in YOU, impaired.

You can't afford to leave home that way.
Therefore, you need a strict PERSONAL system of morals to live up to.

And I live up to that. I may not live up to YOUR system of morals, but I don't really give a damn, I like mine, they serve me well, I think people around me think they're good, so, hey, I'm keeping them.

  1. I do unto you, as you unto me. I will trust you, until proven otherwise. I will give, and if you give back, I keep giving. I will always make the first move in giving. Let me down once, and I'll note the fact.
  2. I don't think vengeance is useful. I will forgive, always, forget never. If you let me down, that affects my judgement. I'm not going to pay you back for harm you do me, but I'd be stupid to trust you.
  3. Judge not least ye be judged. If it doesn't harm anybody, it's not wrong. A lot of other people's morals are based on what was wrong ONCE. Sex is like that. Once, it had a lot of dangers and potential social threats attached to it. Now it doesn't, so the old taboos cause more social misery, than the reverse. A lot of morals are like that. We haven't quite caught up, in terms of moral outlook, of the ACTUAL realities of the society we live in.
  4. Receiving pleasure isn't wrong, unless it can only be achieved by causing pain to others.
  5. Using your talents at other's expense is inevitable, but try to be aware of it, and minimise it's capacity to cause pain.
  6. Be aware of your strengths- so as not to hurt others.
  7. Put in your contribution, all of it.
  8. Never neglect those who Love you. By that, I don't mean your family. I mean those who care.
  9. Try not to lose anybody. Every single social contact you have, is a gift. Don't let any drift. Try to avoid taking sides in arguments.

I think those are good morals


Anonymous said...

All good sensible standards, as far as I can see, and practical. I really only have one moral guideline, "Do what thou wilt and accept the consequences without complaint" which often gets me accused of bastardry, a consequence I accept without complaint.

Anonymous said...

There has to be something universal in the system of morals... otherwise what happens when one's personal morality clashes with the morality of the majority and one sees the majority in the wrong...?

Anonymous said...

Well some I can totally agree with, others not. But you have to live with yourself and no doubt you and they are a work in progress.

That family probably love you as best they can, you know. Try to cut them some slack.

Anonymous said...

I have two main ones. The Mrs.doasyouwouldbedoneby version and the what goes around comes around.

My Dad's version is, be careful who you trample upon as you climb the ladder of success because you'll surely meet them again when you come sliding down the greasy pole the other side.

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

Anonymous said...

Be aware of your strengths--so as not to hurt others.

I liked this one especially. Wise words, since we so often can get carried away with the things we do and not realize we are trampling others, emotionally and often physically.

A personal set of moral guidelines, even in the loosest sense, is key to what we would call a good personality. If one doesn't have them, then there's not much difference between nobility of spirit and depravity--other than the words themselves.

Anonymous said...

Paul- Sounds fair enough to me. I DO try limit the 'what thou wilt' bit to not affecting what others wilt.
I think it's about finding the best possible interconnection.

Gledwood- In principle yes, but the morals of the herd aren't particularly good ones. The moral majority get all excited by cabinet ministers getting caught with their trousers down, when I'm more bothered about them robbing the till.

jmb- I didn't mean it like that, I meant don't forget your friends. always consider their interests.

Maddy- Well, what goes around comes around is a good practical observation, for every action is an equal and opposite reaction.

That's basically the Karma principle.

Eric- Too true. Sometimes it's easy to hurt people, without meaning to.
Worse, sometimes try as hard as you might, you can't avoid it.
Ther's no point crying over spilt milk, but at lease be careful so it doesn't happen again.

Anonymous said...

Receiving pleasure isn't wrong, unless it can only be achieved by causing pain to others.

The Byrds - a time to embrace, a time to refrain from embracing.

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty decent set to live by, I've never really thought about which morals guide my life though I suppose I must have them.

I suppose a big one is 'live and let live'. As long as no one is getting hurt, I can't see why that wouldn't work.

Anonymous said...

I think these are good morals Mr Ingsoc - but you have often spoken of your own Christian beliefs - how do these match up? I am not saying they do not but surely religion must be an important part of your morality?

Anonymous said...

I hold tight to my morals, even when I watch them lead me to some decisions I know are not the best-- I need to feel there is something I will stick with no matter what.