Sunday 23 December 2007

Success and Failure- Blue Pill and Red Pill

OK, put starkly, here it is.

Take the Blue Pill. Pretend it's working. Believe in a terror network, and that's the sole reason that they arm the police further, bring in 90 day detension (Verwoerd eat your heart out).
Tell yourself that it's all good really (good for you, you had a good education, walked into a good job, you live in a rich country).

Pretend we had to go into Iraq, but not Darfur.
Pretend the burgeoning crackhead population of the UK, just do it for fun.

Pretend we can just restore pre-sixties social attitudes, that we can just roll back the carpet to those days.

Ignore rising consumer debt and it's obvious implications.

Ignore the fact that Europe and the Americas are continents of Consumers and tertiary/quaternary sector industry only.

Ignore the fact that more people vote in Big Brother than in General Elections.

Hey, as long as my wife gets those new kitchen cupboards to brag to the neighbours with, and my love life is OK as a result, who cares?

Or take the other.
See the Matrix.

See yourselves, like the poor whites of the deep south, fighting to maintain slavery, when it's abolition served their interests better.

See yourselves slaving away forty plus hours a week in an asset swapping game, pawns in the power struggles between the corporations.
See the human debris, the rejected contributors, the urban poor, rejected because the interest monster needs MORE CONSUMERS THAN PRODUCERS to feed.

See the deliberate exploitation of Islamophobia to strengthen the arms of the Executives of the West.

See the other three quarters of the world, whose quality of life has DETERIORATED since decolonisation.

Understand how it happens, how the dynamics of the system works, the tools used, and the bribe they offer you.

Stand back and look.

Stand back, admit, we the human race can do a LOT, LOT better, with the technology we have, with the knowledge we have.

Now I appreciate, most of you will still take the blue pill.
Because taking the other puts you in a tricky situation.

What are you going to do?
Succeed or Fail?

Because now you can see it, that now determines what succeed and fail mean.

Fail is to curl up and continue to bow. It has positives to it. Good career, love, marriage, children, material comforts, dieing of old age with the grandchildren on the knee.

Succeed is harder. Succeed is to reject all that.
Succeed is to STAND UP. It is to STAND UP and SHOUT TO THE TOP OF YOUR VOICE, carrying your shouting as far as it will reach.

It is to say 'I'll not bow to you any more'.

It is to take on everything they throw at you as you keep walking towards them. And if they start shooting, it is to embrace the bullets.
Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
Better your grandchildren look with pride at a name on a plaque, than you live to hear them ask you 'What did you do, Grandad?'

I guess I'm resigned to failure, resigned to living on my knees, though that failure is something I find hard to live with.

But my belief that the day WILL come, when people DO stand up, en masse, is some consolation to me.

PS- Just noticed, post Number 301. A milestone? Hmm. Let's see if we get to five hundred.


Anonymous said...

Blimey - that post really resonated with me from beginning to end.

Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

"get up stand up, don't give up the fight"

- bob marley

merry christmas and happy new year to you and your family, ingy. may the new year bring you health, happiness, and prosperity... not to mention good blogging material to get to post number 501 :)

Anonymous said...

you are compelling. it is a bit scary to consider the ramifications of just how compelling you are, given that i've only read 3 of your posts.

remember, remember...

Anonymous said...

Yes, good post. I guess most of us take the easy way.

Anonymous said...

You'll get there, 501 is in your sights already at this pace.

Ignore the fact that more people vote in Big Brother than in General Elections.

That's so freaking hard to ignore for me, yet the vast majority do, and I don't know how. When rap stars and the like have to tell us to vote, that's bad. Then in the end, the young still don't. I can see why; they think it doesn't matter what they say, the establishment just does what it wants to do. Which is true. But the day is nearing when we will no longer even be asked, we will only be told.

Hell, we're already there, aren't we?

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of us took half of each.

But I don't want to return to the social attitudes of the fifties thank you very much. Women have come a long way since then, baby.

Yes, we can do better with our resources and our technology and we should.

My consolation is that I worked for so many years in the health industry. I hoped that I made a difference by contributing to making sick people better or easing their passing.

Anonymous said...

Compelling is right.
I just see this being spit out in a brilliant speech.

Anonymous said...

James- Glad it did, it's a fairly succinct statement of how I see it, anyway.

Raffi- Thanks, and I could say the same to you, my stormtrooping friend.

Hey, there is literally a WORLD of material to post on.

PDX- Well, I am taken aback by your comment, I'll admit. Thanks :)

Welshcakes- We do, because we are isolated. That's why debating this issues on a forum such as this, using the bloggosphere to create direct democracy, is something each one of can be a part of.

Eric- But here's the point.
Would you agree, that the Big Brother is heavily manipulated by the Media. Most contestants are chosen, because the they have the capacity to make tits of themselves on National TV.

The voting is controlled by the camera shots.

More people vote in Big Brother than General Elections...

'It's the Sun Wot Won It...'

Now wasn't the clicking of that coin into that slot something that made you gasp for breath?

jmb- We aren't going to do better with them, whilst the current dynamics are in place. You don't plan for the future, you plan for future investment. Not the same thing, as Africa shows.

Princess P- I think it was written in one swoop, pretty much.
I composed it in the bar of the pub opposite me, popped home, wrote it, went back to the pub.

I see it as a kind of summary post.