Monday 17 December 2007

The Revolution- What it Should Bring

As most of you know, I DO think there will be a revolution.
And about bloody time!

To me, it's logic. It's coming.
And the ideals which it will bring, are those OUR generation feels in our hearts, but fears in our heads.

As our parents did.
They KNEW these ideals were better, but feared the failure.

The reality, the time isn't ripe.
The revolution cannot come till capitalism has burnt itself out, as Marx said.

Which is why Communism failed. It cannot work in isolation.

It can ONLY work when the apparatus of state, has been destroyed, as capitalism will achieve in its final collapse. THIS is what Das Kapital REALLY says.

And everything we dream of, all our ideals, both of head and heart, will be there for us.

We were brought up to be practical about ideologies, the age of ideology is dead. We are a generation wise enough at last, to have a practical idealism.

If it works, and improves human happiness, it's the way forward.

We can't really accept any of the lame excuses why war and poverty still exist in the twenty-first century.

Or see why we need to appoint armed security to keep us from tearing eachother apart.

Or why it is you think the efforts of our generation to bring up the generation following, without the constraints of the nuclear family, are necessarily doomed to failure.

Or why you think material goods are a substitute for quality of life.

Or why a man who sleeps around is cool, but a woman who does so is dirty.

And who appointed these politicians God? We asked you to work for us, we didn't make you our masters.

And you haven't explained to us why society can never work without private ownership and the institution of marriage. 'Communism' proved it, is not an answer.

Oh, and what happened to the space race?

Or why there are four washing machines in this block of flats, when probably each flat only uses each one ten hours a week. Surely a more communal living is more efficient?

Or why we should refrain from things we enjoy unless you could give us a pretty good reason. 'It's bad for you' is not good enough, if we manage our social contribution OK.

Actually, what exactly IS the morals of the 'moral' majority, based on?
You see, you do HAVE to explain these things in an enlightened society. 'God said', is a crap answer.

So let's face it, come the revolution, these are the questions that will be asked.

And intelligent people, when they take up the reins of this species' material infrastructure, will be sensible about how they structure it.

They will structure it in a way that bests suits human happiness.

So expect communal living, Free Love, far more efficient working practices (Doing far less hours, to achieve far MORE for society), a faster pace of technological development, interplanetary colonisation, genetic engineering, full legalisation of all drugs, complete acceptance of all consensual sexual activity, complete racial integration, complete demilitarisation, legislation by popular vote, limited executives carrying out specific functions, an interlocking global network of such executives, all popularly elected.

This, is our future.

Come the Revolution.

I hope I live to see it.


Anonymous said...

Evolution, not revolution. We need to put our weapons down. We need to love each other and more important, love ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Peace is what I hope for, in the Revolution. Every generation hopes for it, Crushed. You'll live to see it but you need to be PART of it!

Anonymous said...

Poverty, in many instances, is a disease of the mind Crushed

Anonymous said...

Yaayayayaya!!! Bring it on, I say. What the world needs now is a very healthy dose of complete anarchy and chaos followed by a reinvention. Revolution in the Maoist sense is ongoing and permanent. Round and round. Revolution? Why not? There ain't much around socio-politically at the moment worth saving. Everytime I hear someone say the word 'democracy' I start laughing.

Anonymous said...

You are an idealist Mr Ingsoc... I have no such faith in humanity myself...

Anonymous said...

I don't know about a revolution as you see it. I don't believe there is the will for it and I don't think I want it.

But this is another matter:
We can't really accept any of the lame excuses why war and poverty still exist in the twenty-first century.
It is unconscionable that we do nothing about this.

Or why you think material goods are a substitute for quality of life.
What do you define as quality of life? I doubt that we could all agree on an answer to this.

Anonymous said...

Alexys- I agree, but it's not just going to fall into place.

Love is only valid, if it is logical.

And trust me, the powersw that be will defend their power with weapons.

Welshcakes- I sincerely hope to be :) I'd sacrifice everything else in my life for it.

Jeremy- Hmmm. You ever been to Nechells? Or Aston?

The poverty of our inner cities is of a new , nasty and hopeless type.

Paul- That is pretty much what I foresee. And yes, I think it will be all for the better.
But when it comes, good men need to be prepared to stand up and fight, even die, for the world they love.

Democracy? Plutocracy!

Mutley- It's as well to be realistic. On an individual level, we all get let down, tis true.

But look how far humanity has come. Surely we have only just begun?

jmb- Two points;
1. It is partly a generation thing, I think. The world our generation has grown up in forces us to make choices with our heads that our hearts despise.
2. A lot of people are comfortable now. Wait till the economic collapse, when money is wiped out. Wait till the day the system fails to deliver.
It's coming.