Thursday 27 December 2007

Wishes For 2008

Firstly, A bit of Muse- Both the lyrics and the video say pretty much everything this blog is saying.

Secondly, I have been tagged by Grendel to list eight wishes for 2008, which is timely, I guess.

OK, let's go.

  1. That here, on the bloggosphere, we show the way forward. That we stand up, have our say about our society and genuinely start discussing ways forward. That we, the people start here and now to determine our own destiny, that we question every totem, we analyse every value and ideal of our society, that we stand up and are counted, putting aside petty hatred and division.
  2. That our species starts to see itself as it really is, stops seeing itself in a negative light, starts to see the huge journey upwards it has already made and has faith in the bright future it can acheive, and will acheive, if only people start believing.
  3. That people move away from the narrow social patterns and social divisions of the past, stop putting themselves and others in boxes, stop maintaining boundaries between themselves and others and live inclusively, rather than exclusively
  4. That the year sees me economically and materially comfortable, in a pleasant environment to live and work, with a large of number of people around me, in all senses.
  5. That I can somehow find time to devote to advancing my career, enjoying time with friends as well as having the time to devote to this blog, visiting other blogs and finishing my novel.
  6. That I meet many new friends, like minded people who share my outlook , people prepared to make positive efforts to change the way we live.
  7. That Ms Right FINALLY makes her apperance.
  8. That I really do have no enemies, or anyone bearing ill will towards me carried forward into 2008.

I can't really think of anything else I want. Or what else I COULD want.

Who shall I tag?

Well, whoever wishes to share wishes, I guess...
All those whom I mentioned below, should at least consider it...


Anonymous said...

Fine wishes, indeed. One would be hard pressed to ask for more.

If I do add something, I wish something simple laced with common sense: That the media would stop putting celebrities up in front of us like their silly problems and dilemmas matter over the common folk's concerns. If Brad dumps Jen for Angelina, I don't care. If so and so puts on twenty pounds, good for them, more to love if they can find love, I say. Infidelity amongst actors and actresses? I'm not shocked like the headlines say I should be. These people make a living being fake, so people should not be surprised.

But lots of people do eat these things up. They play into the media's hands, as well as the hands of those who are behind the media--the establishment that just wants to keep the regular people from thinking about real issues that do matter. I need not extrapolate on this bill of goods that so many would rather buy instead of the truth.

Have a great New Year celebration with many friends and pints and laughs. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Well I'll consider...not saying I'll do it though. I never really make any resolutions or have any hopes for the year after.

That and I really don't like being tagged :)

Anonymous said...

A nice balance, as always, between the micro (e.g., Crushed) level and the macro level.
I have to give a big hear, hear to all of the above.

As for my wishes, that requires some thought, free of alcohol spiked coffee, which has been the norm as of late.

Anonymous said...

Yep, all very good wishes I'd say. Some of those you can make come true and I hope the rest do by whatever means.
I'm afraid I'm not geographically situated to be your matchmaker but Ms Right will appear when you least expect her and wishing won't help a jot.

Anonymous said...

Nice ideas. And nice site. I have no use for mainstream journalism. I see it at once as a prime manifestation and as a prime contributor to the overwhelming layers of delusion that prohibit the kind of evolution you desire. So whenever I'm offered a newspaper I decline and ask, "So who are we at war with today? Eurasia or Eastasia?"

No one ever gets this joke. No one. Ever. But I knew you would!


Anonymous said...

Eric- You're right, it's tedious. I don't really follow who half of them are. Actors and actresses, yes. But I have no idea who's dating who.

I think it's like a semi-real soap opera. People care, because they want to know what it is that's real, and expect TV to tell them.
It isn't. There's very little 'normal' about the lives of 'normal' people, we all have our own set ups, that suit us.

You have a good'un too!

Oestrebunny- You've got to have SOME hopes.
Hope keeps the flame of life alive.
Hoping you become a very rich tax consultant, is a valid hope, after all.

Princess P- I guess they are all interlinked. There's no point wishing for £10,000,000, if you don't have friends to enjoy it with and live in a society where you have to pay armed guards to protect your 'wealth'.

Wishing the best for the world around you, is partly selfish, just a more sensible selfishness.

Irish Coffee, Italian Coffee, French Coffee, or Russian Coffee?
(If anyone knows of any other coffee's containing spirits, feel free to share)

jmb- I suppose the thing is to believe they can come true. If you don't try, you can't succeed.

I always like the song about the guy who decides to use ants to hsrvest his rubber tree plants, and everyone thinks he's nuts 'Oops there goes another rubber tree plant'

FWG- My feelings, yes. I link the Telegraph and the Guardian, but I don't read them that often. Believe it or not, I pick up almost every headline I need to know from blogs, pub conversation and work.

The Eurasia- Eastasia thing is uncanny. I do sometimes watch TV News, not for the actual news, but to see what they want us to think. You can present a policy two ways. For example, both of the following statements are ALWAYS going to be true, of any new policy.

'Critics expressed concern today at a government announcement...'
'Government proposals met with widespread approval from...'

Both will always be true. But which one the MSM uses, tells you which way the paymasters want you to view it- and how they want you to vote.

Anonymous said...

Will give it some thought, Crushed.

Anonymous said...

They are good wishes for 2008 Mr Ingsoc! I believe that the small insight I share into the world may also contribute to out common purpose of making a better world!

All the best and may we meet as friends one day!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. It is very much a soap opera. It's an opiate of the "free" people. If there was no beer, no sports, and no celebrity gossip, the men behind the gilded curtain would have real problems to answer to in a very short time.

Not that I wish for that. You probably love your football team, like I love my local hockey team. Baseball is a terrible bore. Too much of people standing around scratching themselves. Little wonder it's called "America's Pastime".
And Inner Monkey will be posted New Year's Eve, I have a huge post all written up for it. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Muse come from my town.

George Michael and Gerry Halliwell come from my previous town.

Mud came from the town before that.

When's my turn ?


Anonymous said...

Helen- And I fully expect your thoughts to be of the highest quality :)

Mutley- Anarchic humour is a powerful weapon. British humour has always been about challenging taboos and sending up aspects of our culture.
I like to think that's a good thing. Sacred Totems are dangerous things.

I'm sure we shall, but I'm not sure we have many of your traditional Bridport Bitters round here :)

Eric- Oh, I do love my football team, I think having a team to follow is quite a positive thing in using up emotional energy.

I can get pretty crazy during football matches, but I don't think that's a bd thing. We need some release for these tensions.

I look forward to reading your post :)

E-K- I think your talents are more in the field of animation.

I suggest you start sending your Dr Who stories to the Beeb and see what comes of it.