Monday 11 June 2007

A Guest Post From Our Far Right Friends

As voting hots up in the Blogpower Awards, I thought I would allow a broadcast here from the supporters of UK News and Politics.

As you see, it has actually been made by the sockpuppets who trashed Mutley's blog.

These guys- or their fellow travellers- could score a real propaganda coup here.

Or you could go and vote for other blogs, whom you believe deserve to win.

Many of the other options are very good blogs which deserve recognition.

You can even vote for Crushed by Ingsoc if you want.


Anonymous said...

How weak is God
She shuts down her own advitorial because she cant handle the heat from the sinners who reveal her as a vengefull non worshipal being and she reappears under some cloak organised by you to continue with her vilification of others under a pseudonym so transparent that it is laughable.
Carly, get out from under the blanket, answer the criticisms, admit that you fucked up, apologise and get on with blogging in your origonal very acceptable brash style.
Geez Crushed----find a worthy cause to mentor not a deity in hiding

Anonymous said...

Very funny Mr Ingsoc!! I like Clyde - can't understand him but that doesn't matter to me - I think style triumphs over substance every time!! Like those strange clicking languages from Namibia... meaningless to me, but lovely to listen to..

Anonymous said...

Possibly the best post I have seen, though I do say it myself.

I shall certainly be voting for UK News and Politics again. I have already voted for him 20 times today.

So should the rest of you.

Sieg Heil!

Anonymous said...

Clyde- Take a look through my blog archives and assess if you think the causes I support are good or bad.
Not that this comment thread should be used for this sort of discussion. This blog has a private e mail for that.

I haven't deleted your comment, but in future do not use my blog for personal attacks on others.

You are of course, always welcome here to comment on the topics being didcussed.

Anonymous said...

Clyde- I have addressed your ill informed concerns on my blog.

Anonymous said...

LMAO@ "fellow travellers"...Love that line!

Anonymous said...

I feel like the uncomfortable guest in the middle of a family argument.

Confused? More than a little.

Anonymous said...

wooooooooohooooooo! talking penises!

Anonymous said...

Mealy mouthed liberal pinko rubbish. Come the revolution, you people will be first.

Anonymous said...

I was remiss in using your space for any other reason than to comment on your own publications.
I can do no more than apologise for my intrusion and asure you that my comments were in no way aimed in your direction other than your apparent mentorship.
Thank you for your invitation to visit again

Anonymous said...

Clyde- No offence taken.