Thursday 31 May 2007

Every Contribution Counts.

That's you.
All of you.

Listen, I hear the sounds of my approaching thirties (over a year off yet) and I can't help feeling that not just me, but all of us, are sleepwalking.

Sleepwalking on a treadmill whilst we're ripped off.

It's the energy of all of you that keeps all the wonders of modern life going.
And we could have far more wonders yet.
And a lot more fun.
If so many of us did not waste our lives in completely pointless occupations.

Time I think, we all started to think a little.
Because our children are going to live here. And their children.
And we want a humanity that, literally reaches for the stars, not settles for the Earth.
And we ALL have a responsibility to safeguard that.

So, time to stand up and be counted.
It's YOUR world.


Anonymous said...

What brought this on?

Were you watching a Tesco commercial?

Anonymous said...

I can behave like a bastard because i don't have children. i do have cats though, and they don't give a fuck about stuff either...

Anonymous said...

I now feel even more guilty...

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written, CBI. This is something I might have written myself. Yes, make a difference. I live in fear of my thirties too...:-)

Anonymous said...

you must of just watched 'an inconvenient truth'... that or a david hasselhoff drunk off his ass. it's such a pity that knight rider became a chief life guard pimp daddy turned lush.

in all honesty, our "civilized" world is trying to do little things to slow down the self-destruction countdown, but money takes precedence over the big things that can really make a serious change. not to mention, we (i'm guilty) continue to contribute to the insanity. too bad, so sad, keep driving your gas car.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is my world...but who let in all these people?

Anonymous said...

David- My 101st post. Guess it was always going to be different. One they'll send me to Room 101 for.

JJ- It's AN excuse. Is it a good one, however?

Philipa- Sorry. Remember Guilt acheives nothing though.

Eve- I suppose the thought is a start. It's coming up with ideas beyond that that is less easy.

Raffi- We seem to have lost the ability as a species to actually believe in a future. We don't think much beyong our own lifetime. It wasn't always like that.

Miss Uber- Sorry, you can have your world back. Shall we go?

Anonymous said...

My world, CBI? No, it's not mine, I've done very little towards it, except trying to teach a few little scrotes. My world is the munificence of the pint glass...

Anonymous said...

Well said CBI. But don't worry about gettin older. Something we dont brag about much to the young, because they dont like to hear it, but....wait for gets better and better! I wouldn't swap my 40s for my 20s for anything. Not even for an even complexion and cellulite free thighs.