Friday 8 June 2007

They Must be Lobotomising People

This is the only sensible conclusion I can reach.

We have seen this government continue the work of the previous government in removing basic rights of the citizen to a degree that the Normans would have balked at.
We have police forces in this country with the powers of, and mentality of, those found in Soviet satellites.
And 75% of the population think we should give them more powers.

I kid ye not.

We're back to the Terror threat, again.

OK, I don't deny there are terrorists.
I don't deny these terrorists don't much like us.

But I see more police wondering round than terrorists, and frankly, I'd rather risk the odd bomb here and there than introduce internment without trial for ninety days, unlimited stop-and-search powers, and fines for refusing to answer questions.

In 1933, weeks after Hitler had been appointed Chancellor by the aging German President, Paul Von Hindenburg, The Reichstag burned down.
No one will really know the truth of what happened. The general consensus seems to be that it was started by a mentally challenged Dutch Communist, but it certainly suited the Nazis.

A Communist plot was created in the minds of the public.
All Communists and Social Democrats were rounded up and concentrated in a camp. The first of such camps. Dachau.

The Nazis then proceeded to push a bill through the Reichstag- emptied of it's leftist elements.
This Bill became notorious as the Enabling Act.
It gave complete executive Powers to the Chancellor (A.Hitler) for a Four Year period.
In other words, Hitler could now pass any law he liked, without the need for the Reichstag.
I'd like to say the other parties voted against it.
They didn't.

Needless to say, four years later, a Reichstag convened especially for the purpose, and containing only Nazis, renewed the Act.

And that's how easy it was done.

So when I see the British people clamouring to hand over any guarantees they have of their liberty to the armed thugs of a thinly veiled dictatorship, I can only assume that over the last ten years, the powers that be have been going round slowly and methodically, lobotomising our people in their sleep.

Wake up, Britain!

You're only truly safe and secure in a cage.

Do you want to be that safe?


Anonymous said...

...I can only assume that over the last ten years, the powers that be have been going round slowly and methodically, lobotomising our people in their sleep...

You don't have to assume it. It's documented.

Anonymous said...

That word conjures up all sorts of horrid visions, very gruesome.

I've just added you to my google reader and the word "they" in the headline came out as "thet" - most peculiar.

Anonymous said...

I agree that freedoms can ebb away once they start being curtailed and , in a country like Britain where we have taken them for granted for longer than most, no one seems to notice. There is no guarantee of safety, anyway, as a terrorist who doesn't care about his or her own life cannot be reasoned with. But I guess most people want to feel as "safe" as possible, especially if they have children.

Anonymous said...

Michael Howard's finest achievement as Tory leader was limiting Labour to 28 days IMO. Look's like Brown is coming back for round two... i wonder how Cameron will stack up.

Anonymous said...

.... and even worse Mr Ingsoc - we are being crushed by the forces of reaction in the blogpower vote thingy it is time for us to fight back!! er....any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

What annoys me about The Terror threat and all associated stuff with that is that... basically if ALL our civil liberties are being infringed by that & yet terrorists are still at liberty to plot & perform attacks then who's the loser? And what, pray, is the point in this infringement in civil liberties.
Have you heard of Boiled Frog Syndrome? Ever so gradually the heat is turned up. The frog ends up swimming in boiling water yet never thinks to hop out until it's too late.

That's what's happening to us!!

Anonymous said...

Nobody is made safer by imprisoning innocents. I hadn't thought of the lobotomy theory, but it makes some sense. B^(

Anonymous said...

oooh, but llok at the free credit cards, and how wonderful is that kate moss.

Did you see Kylie has been voted the face of Britain?

And that Big Brother, wow, like so interesting.

Ouch my mortgage hurts, but who cares its friday and I am off out to get lashed and pull.

politics is dull, it is for dull and boring people. Have you seen my new jeans, they are very cool.

Gordon Brown, he is boring, turn it off. there is club reps on the other side and I want to see hwo to party for my trip to faliraki

cont'd forever


Anonymous said...

Wow, Crushed - it seems that Britain and the US are a lot more alike than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Potentially Politically Incorrect Comment. Note potential for rude comments.

This whole stuff makes me angry. I take on board this article and wish to relate it to the realities of the current voting.

At what point are we going to stop being polite and tell those bloody racist, despicable people from the BNP to FUCK OFF. I hereby propose that Central News be kicked out. Let us use our powers of reason and reasonableness to make the right decision.

I am sick, more than I can describe, that those miserable individuals can undermine such a collegial and pleasant blogroup such as this. How dare they violate our communal group ethics and undermine such a valuable and community focused event such as a fun awards event.

This is the sort of stuff that sustains governments in some of the countries that I have lived in. I think that we need to take a stand and collectively boot these sad, manipulative fucks out of the competition and their enablers out of Blogpower.

OK You were warned.

Anonymous said...

They're not lobotomising people. They're taking advantage of the fact that large numbers of people are incredibly stupid and easily led.

They use reality TV.

Anonymous said...

James- I'm not going to sleep for a while. I may be next on the list.
If you see any posts on here next week saying what a wonderful guy Blair is, you know it has happened.

Ellee- I must plead ignorance as to what a google reader is, but I fear you may have stumbled upon the uncorrected version of the post.

Welshcakes- I do notsee how these proposals will stop a single terrorist.
I see much potential for harrassment of the muslim community,and other random police intimidation.

David- Ninety days. That's what they had in South Africa. The worst example anyone can think of.

Mutley- It is a tricky one this. May I answer your point with Colin below?

Gledwood- I bet our rulers are laughing their heads off. The people of Britain asking to be emasculated further. Crazy.

Tom- I can't think of any other that does.
Internment in the six counties did wonders for IRA recruitment.
This sort of thing is more likely to create terrorists than save us from them.

Cityunslicker- Please tell me you are being ironic and they didn't get your lobes tonight...

Captain- Of course. It's all one Oceania...

Colin- Obviously, it would be a downright shame if these awards were highjacked by the far right, which does seem to be happening.

The fact that a blog I have never heard of is outstripping many quality blogs in two specific categories surprised me considerably, until I found out the reason why.

I think it remains the right of Blogpower members to regulate these awards fairly.
My suggestion would be that once voting has ended, a separate poll should take place- RESTRICTED PURELY TO BLOGPOWER MEMBERS on whether to validate a possibly spurious victory.

I think it is important that we take steps to ensure that Blogpower is not infiltrated or used as a stage by any particular political group, especially the far right, but on the other hand it seems to go against the Blogpower ethos to prescribe certain opinions, no matter how odious.

As regards Wayne, I think it's fair to say, I strongly disagree with his political stance and his views on law and order, but have generally found him courteous and reasonable. I could be wrong, but I don't think he is behind this unpleasantness.

But unpleasant it potentially is.

Unfortunately, I am a nominee in both categories concerned, which could be seen to affect my partiality on the subject.

But common sense would suggest to me that UK News and Politics should be disqualified.

Mutley and Colin, I am concerned about this. I had absolutely no intention of actively canvassing for myself up until now, but if either of you wish to discuss with me a possible 'stop the BNP' campaign, I would be very happy to hear from you at the e mail address shown in the sidebar.

Anonymous said...

Phishez- Sorry I missed your comment, my answer to Colin got a bit long.
You are right of couse. Lobotomy via the airwaves.
That leaves those of us with our lobes intact with responsibility for the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

Daddy Gordon will be FAR worse. He says he's going to listen, but of course he'll decide who he listens to.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the people least qualified to have a say run the country by insisting their stammering, incoherent voices be heard in politics.
Fantastic post, crushed and good lukcin the Best LIttle BLOgger awards.You too Mutley- I am voting for your most politically incorrect blog.

Anonymous said...

I have had to close my blog to unmoderated after some kind of provocation by the far right ...this is all a bit sad. A person calling itself Hector Munroe was posting abuse at me pretending to be Aunty M from Brussels. If this turns out to be the responsibility of a nominee for the awards then I believe they should be disqaulified.

Anonymous said...

Good one, CBI! I especially like the way you ended that article...

Anonymous said...

Well, here I was thinking that only the US was suffering the same symptoms...

Anonymous said...

Lobotomies are free in OZ.

Anonymous said...

"In Germany, they first came for the gypsies, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a gypsy. Then they came for the Bolsheviks, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Bolshevik. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics. I didn't speak up then because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak up." - Martin Niemoller, A Lutheran Pastor arrested by the Gestapo in 1937

Anonymous said...

I'll reply to post related comments first.

Richard- I agree, but Cameron won't be much better. I've not seen him being the champion of civil liberties over harrassment of the asian community- which is happening.

Freya- There is a lovely passage in 'That hideous stength' by CS Lewis, where the main character overhears in a conversation in the pub after Emergency Ppowers have ben introduced, which could have taken place today...
Lobotomies ae free here as well. Just not consensual, it seems.

Eve- Thanks. Whether or not it affects anything, I doubt it. Except I'll be done tonight...

Priness- I think we've got it far worse. You a lot have constitutional guarantees.

Liz- I think we're in about 1934 now. After the Reichstag fire, but before the night of the long knives.

Mutley, I've been and looked at the comments concerned. There does seem to be some nastiness at the fringes of these awards.

Thanks for alerting us all to the existence of this one. I'm sure there will be others. There seems to be a few Nazi sockpuppets wondering round right now.If you're a frightened Fascist, it only takes minutes to create a hyperlinked blogger, which looks less suspicious. But they seem to be good at staying one step ahead.

On a general note concerning this, I think the danger point is passed. I jusy got back today and checked the voting figures and got two pleasant surprises.

Firstly, UK News is no longer leading in any of the categories concerned.

Secondly, this blog is now ahead of him in both categories. In fact, I am now first in the Best little Blogger category.

Thankyou so much to all who have been voting, because it is important that we beat the Far Right fairly. Then they can crawl back to the hole they sprung from.

It's not over yet, but even I don't win at either category, I am very touched, and would give all of you a big hug if I could.


Anonymous said...

pad cell more like...

Thought provoking post.


Anonymous said...

You got it it one, 'cityunslicker' (I'm still seeing a rude word though).
It's the same here in Oz.
They're making morons out of the public while they stealthily erode their liberty.
The NSW state government is about to enact special legislation allowing them to deal with troublemakers at the upcoming G8 summit. It includes the right to close businesses down for 3 days if they are deemed to be potentially hazardous to the summit.
The people don't even care; they don't even know enough to know what they don't care about.
Bombarded with gossip disguised as news, consumerist nonsense disguised as information and ridiculous polls/awards disguised as the pursuit of excellence, the vast wad of public mediocrity is doomed to become an economic hostage of the government/media down here.
Fuck 'em, silly pricks...

Anonymous said...

BTW...brilliant disguise there 'Freya'.
Hope you don't run the witness protection/relocation scheme anywhere...

Anonymous said...

The mistake we make in the West is to assume that freedom is the natural order. It is not. We seem to have blind faith in the benevolence of authority:

"If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear."

I hear the lobotomised reciting this mantra over and over and over ...

Anonymous said...

It really isn't the BNP we need to worry about. In fact if there had been a viable right wing in the first place issues would not have been left until too late and we would not be in this situation.

Anonymous said...

Typical of you whining Pommies to blame all your problems on a French bank...

Anonymous said...


Good post. Though so compliant are the general public, that sometimes you have to wonder whether they deserve all the shit that is surely coming their way.

No, i didnt really mean that. But i wish they would turn off Big Brother for just one night, and maybe read a blog like yours...just once.