Wednesday 26 December 2007

For The Special Bloggers I Count Amongst My Friends

What to get a blogger for Christmas?
How do you say Merry Christmas to people who you have never shared a drink with, but talk to everyday?
How do you give them a gesture of appreciation for months of kind words, considered comments, generally showing themselves to be people of worth, friends in the true sense of the word?

And I think, in some sense, these are very special friendships. They are platonic in the true sense of the word. Real Life friendships are based, at least in part, on some form of chemistry. Our friendships here are based purely on a meeting of minds, on some level.

I think what we already have here on the bloggosphere is an amazing thing, truly amazing. We can emote to eachother and share our thoughts and feelings in a completely new way.
At one level, it's like Hyde Park Corner in distant ages, everyone of us can set up their soap box and shout with gusto.
It really is the best place to come, to hear new ideas, to be challenged, to be made to think.
And so many people seem ready to show a willingness to do it right here, the way we often DON'T do it in real life.

Here at last, the great human direct democratic debating forum, where ALL can be heard. Here, as avatars, the formalities and social conventions, the BOUNDARIES that exist between Real Life people, are something that can be dispensed with between us as avatars. Here, people do not exist in boxes.

To me, it is a shining example of how human society SHOULD be, and I hope one day, WILL be. The day that there are no boundaries between people. When ALL people are in one big relationship with eachother, all treating eachother with equal respect, when no one carries enmity towards another, when people treat every connection they have, with every human being as valuable and not something they would lose.

I think everyone here, merely by HAVING a blog, undermines INGSOC, undermines thought control and reaches out to their fellow human beings.

So I made a little present for those of you who have, in your own ways, become part of my life.
This is my own little award, and I'm giving it to those who to me, make me remember why it is I blog, make me realise just how important it is.
These are people who come, not always everyday, but as often as they themselves post, always leave comments to show they have read the post, taken it in, maybe violently disagreed with it, but at least they've thought about it and they share their thoughts on it, just as I shared mine in the first place.

They are courteous, fair and open minded.
They have always treated my blog, and it's author with respect. There are some who have shared thoughts with me via e-mail, and they have kept that to themselves and treated any such discussions, with respect. They understand that these ARE boundaries that must be observed.

They have always been courteous and fair when I have commented on their blogs, and in all cases have blogs worth reading. Not all are anything like my blog. But I don't just want to read blogs like mine.

In short, they are people I believe have Inner Monkey. They have Love, Curiosity, Playfulness and Humanity. They are bloggers who enrich my world, by being everything bloggers should be.

I'd like to say a bit about each of them.

Welshcakes. Obviously the top of my list. Welshcakes is I'm sure, the most loyal visitor this blog has. And that's the point. That's blogging. You might compare blogs, and think of Chalk and Cheese, but this is the beauty of the medium. Forget Christmas spirits. Welshcakes IS the blogging spirit.

Phish. Phish is just a nice person, pure and simple. She is someone with a good heart. She is one of those friends I see as a sister. She has an uncanny amount of no nonsense common sense. On one very important occasion in my life, it was Phish opened my eyes. Life is treating her a lot better now, than it has been. Phish doesn't write about big issues. She writes about her, her every day life, her thoughts. But isn't that, after all, a big issue?

Electro-Kevin. Again, we go back a long way. And you might not expect us to agree. Kev is an ex-policeman and old fashioned Tory. My stance is very different. We set up our blogs at similar times and over the last year, have amicably disagreed (and often agreed, in fact) on many things. A night out together would almost certainly be very drunken, but very fun. He IS a thinker, more perhaps, than he knows.

Mutley. Again, the spirit of blogging. If anyone wants to see how to do a comedy blog, visit Mutley. If anyone wants to see the blogging spirit, visit Mutley. Radioactive Howler Monkeys, Strange Sexual Indiscretions, Purple Haired women abound. It's a place also, where bloggers find other bloggers. Go see. You'll find more than you expected.

Alexys Fairfield. Hardened cynics need to get a bit of 'feel good factor' as part of their daily diet. Alexys always delivers. She's a good friend to have. If this isn't a blog on your regular visiting list, it should be. Alexys is all about spreading Love. And we need that.

Eve. Eve is a sporadic poster these days. She ALMOST gave up blogging, but was persuaded to carry on by her admirers (and who COULDN'T be an admirer of Eve). I love her comments. It's great to have that level of understanding with someone from a culture that is still different in many ways to ours. And so much of Eve comes across in her posts. I also find her VERY SEXY indeed.

jmb. I find it hard sometimes to remember that there IS a generation gap between myself and jmb. Some of what I write, you'd think, would be shocking to jmb. If it is, she handles it well. Her comments are polite, well thought out and often thought provoking. Again, proof that different worlds can meet here, in a way they don't so often in Real Life. Open minded, that's jmb.

Crashie. Crashie is a very busy person in Real Life right now, I think, so blogging is kind of on the back burner. But she still comes. She's a nice person, as well. More importantly, I often wonder how hard it must be writing such well thought out posts in a language not one's native tongue.

Helen. Helen posts twice a week and visits as often as she posts. Helen is a good writer, a good poster, and a good commenter. Helen's comments are worthy of being posts in their own right. Helen exemplifies the best in blogging, by a willingness to discuss. She is also exceptionally well read. Hers is definitely a blog that needs more limelight. It's good. What more can I say?

Princess Pointful. The Princess runs posts which combine a bit of life analysis and other issues. She is a thinker, that is certain. I can tell from the comments she leaves, that she reads my posts very carefully. Her responses are well thought out and considered. Exemplary blogger on all count. She gives the impression of being wiser than her years. I'm certain that's true.

Gingatao. Paul S comes as and when. He is a bit like the Dungeonmaster in Dungeons and Dragons. He appears at unexpected times with something wise to say. I was surprised to find that there is an age gap between us to the degree there is, because this man is still a questioner. Paul never ossified into a comfortable world of middle aged acceptance, where social attitudes freeze as they were when he was twenty. In his heart, Paul belongs to the new generation, I think. His comments are gold dust, when he visits.

Oestrebunny. Again, bloggers don't have to write similar blogs to become blogging friends. Oestrebunny is a blogging friend, again, like Phish, a kind of younger sister. She has her head screwed on and describes the world as it is to her. Which is what a blog should do. The person that she is, comes through on her blog. And she has been a good friend to this blog. It means a lot to me that she read my recent post on Marx and commented on it. Opening up worlds, that's blogging. Breaking out of boxes.

Eric. Eric is a new friend, but Eric is a good guy. He's straight up. I've not known him long, but I like him. He's a good guy. He writes poetry and he finds the stars amazing. What more can I say? He's a kindred spirit and he's looking at the world the same way I am.

There are three other bloggers who I would have included, were they not on a hiatus. Ian Appleby, David Anthony and Heart of Darkness, all of whom were good friends to this blog. Raffi, there is one for you too, if your inner battle over whether or not to stay blogging, is won by the stormtrooper!

So. To all of you, I have made this little present. If you want to pass it on, feel free. Do whatever you want with it. If you do choose to continue it as a meme, then the rules should be; whatever number you see fit of your fairest, most courteous, most interactive readers. Those who make blogging a pleasure for YOU.

Thanks again, all of you, for being such great guys.


Anonymous said...

Inner Monkey, coool!. As an ancient, threelegged, tatty-eared, shambling old dog (well not quite, yet) the best thing about my short internet adventure has been discovering that there are so many sharp, young, vigourous, alive humans trying to figure out new ways of being. Reinventing honesty, integrity, respect and community. And you Mr Not-quite-yet-crushed-by-ingsoc, are a primary talisman of the bringers of hope.
Rage on!,

Anonymous said...

:) cheers

Anonymous said...

Great post about the blogosphere, CBI! That's pretty much how it is: a supportive, non-discriminatory community. All the best for the New Year.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Crushed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out. Even if you did make me sound self centred :P

Anonymous said...

Great post Crushed. The blogosphere is an amazing place and I have made the most incredible connections with people through it.

Thanks for including me here and your kind words. Almost two generations are possible between us but that's only the body, not the mind I hope.

Anonymous said...

"You like me... you really really like me"

The inner monkey totally deservs a Sally Fields moment. But you are right, fellow bloggers have had a great impact in my life, and for me the whole blogging started off as me wanting to have a forum just to air my thoughts, but I have stayed for the friends.

Kudos to all, specially you CBI - onenever knows what provocative post they'll be getting. But it's all good, sometimes we need someone to challange our thoughs & believes, and I'm glad that you are the one doing it.


Anonymous said...

Paul- Cool Monkeys for cool people. I thin it's up to people themselves to determins how they interconnect and I think we have a great little society here founded on a new way to interact.

Utopia and Dystopia are always two sides of the same coin. While people seek to bond with others, there is always hope.

Oestrebunny- You didn't think I'd forget you now, did you?

Lad Litter- Definitely. People's minds just seem so open here. It really is a place where we meet as inner beings, I think.

And you have a great New Year too!

Ms Smack- The same goes for you. I wish you all the best for 2008 and I apologise for allowing myself to be misled about you.

Phish- I can vouch for the fact that you are certainly NOT a self centred person. You are one of the best and I hope my sister finds someone this year who will treat her properly.

jmb- I think it's hard to evaluate it yet. It's still a young medium. We are only just starting to get grips with the history of TV as a medium. On the whole however, I think TV is a negative medium in many ways.

Your mind is as sharp as a razor still, I think jmb :)

Crashie- There are a handful of blogs I will always check BEFORE I answer comments on my own blog, when I log on after work.

I think you start to know people, or get an idea about them.

And it's good that you can air your thoughts, rather than just carry them around. By sharing them, they enter the combined network of humanity and add to it. No post you do is ever a waste of energy.

So I hope being a business analyst fires up some good posts :)

Anonymous said...

I'm still around and reading your blog ... I'm just undergoing my cyclical inner-inner-monkey phase. Sometimes I develop the need to take a step back out of the day-to-day conversation and try to work out what I believe in myself ... usually coming out the other side with a completely new perception of reality.

I'm genuinely pleased to see how successful your blog has become .. and WILL continue to be.

Remember, I'm still here and reading even if i'm not commenting ... I will be back. ;)

Here's to a happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I kidnap your comment microphone from time to time ; ) Thanks, Crushed.

Anonymous said...

You are a very interesting and friendly blogger Mr Ingsoc - Thanks for your nice link, I would have appreciated a small cheque or even a book token - but I like the nice award and I shall adopt it to me blog in the next days.

Have you any plans for the New year?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the props. It sure beats a chia pet.(wink)

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

David-(eyebrows raised). Hello, Stranger! I think it DOES help to do that sometimes. I've done it a few times myself in my life. I think often we DO need to actually decide what we actually see, and not live by received opinion, as I think we all do initially. I can think of numerous things I spouted as a student that embarrass me today.

I look forward to your return!

Helen- Feel free to snatch the microphone any time you want. It's a real pleasure to read your contributions. :)

Mutley- I gave the cheque to Bonita, didn't she tell you?

New Years, probably in Coventry with the Chimney Sweep. I won't say it's being well organised, because that not be true. He's got as far as inviting people, but to what is at this point unclear.

Alexys- You're a good person, Alexys. I wasn't going to forget you. You have cheered me up many times in moments of despair.

Anonymous said...

Sorry so late on the response. Thanks for the kind words, and know they are very appreciated.

If I were to give this one out, it seems you've named most of the people on my list. I'm so glad that I decided to hit the 'create new blog' button when I did. I would be missing out on a whole world of great thinkers, writers and friends.

And what better way to meet people? Mind to mind, thought to thought, words and ideas spreading like they have a life of their own. And really, they do have their own life. They're a little bit of ourselves.

Thank you for the recognition, once more.

Anonymous said...

thanks very much, ingy :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing my holiday spirit a few days longer- this made my day!
Best wishes to you, too, Crushed, and know the feeling is mutual-- it is refreshing to be in communication with someone like you, and to have my boundaries pushed when they should be.

I will be back for a little further reading soon. Vegetables need to be chopped for tonight's leftover turkey soup... part of being home.

Anonymous said...

If i remember rightly when you were running the Monkey pieces you were also discussing the antitheses namely the inner reptile. Or something along those lines.

Perhaps you should institute an inner reptile blog award too.

Anonymous said...

Eric- I only noticed today that you actually commented on the Inner Monkey post. It might have been the first time you came here. Time flies!

It IS a great way to meet people. It's a very special thing indeed. Like you, my blog came into being part by accident. But it was possibly the best accient I ever had.

Raffi- But you HAVE to carry on blogging! We need a bit of stormtrooper input!

Princess P- Glad to have made your day! If you accumulate all your comments, I'm sure you have made many days for me.

Pushing boundaries, always good.

Grendel- I did indeed. It was the succeeding post. There are slightly less candidates for the Inner Reptile award, and I'm not sure they'd take it up.

It is actually a serious point, but unfortunately most people in RL think my continued reference to Inner Monkey is a sign of my general craziness.

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't know, I might accept :-)

Anonymous said...

I think I came by a few times before here and there--the name stands out to a reader of 1984, so it has to be checked out.

I'll post this on my next post. There may well be a person or two who I write with that I would award this to.

And I do indeed remember the inner monkey posts and the reptile posts, as well as the cat post. It's good to know where we came from, as well as the fellow creatures who are accompanying us on our way out of the primordial mess of evolution.

I just hope we aren't devolving! After all, nobody dies, so all traits get passed on. At least, we may have stopped evolution in it's tracks, or retarded it's pace.

Great posts keep us coming.

And good call on your nominees. Princess is excellent in her expository writing, Crashy has heart and personality and does it all in tri-lingual fashion, and Gingatao is amazingly poetic. All great picks.

Peace out, mate. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I agree - drunken and fun.

I don't like loud places too much - a good atmospheric pub.

Take care now,

Have a Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this Christmas present, CBI. I like it very much! :-) Will get it up right away (if blogger works)!

> To me, it is a shining example of how human society SHOULD be, and I hope one day, WILL be.
The thought that arose here is that I'm much more comfortable typing than speaking *plus, there's different accents to be taken into account*, which is why the internet works. It also helps to have a language in common ;-)

Anonymous said...

Grendel- Yes, but by defintion, the Inner Reptile award would only be for those who have shown themselves to be outright hostile to this blog.

And I really can't be bothered to humour them.

Eric- I think it is useful to see evolution in terms of development. The Red Queen hypothesis states that OVERALL, the tendancy is towards greater complexity. It is true that sometimes, species DO devolve. Natural economy states that there is an advatage in LOSING something you don't use, because it is a waste of your energy.

In terms of humanity, our cranial capacities are unlikely to grow much more, due to energy constraints, but our ability to process information within that is likele to change radically- as I beleive it during human history.

The evolution of language is a relevant case in point, one which will be posted on soon.

E-K- I actually prefer the sorts of pubs 'where everybody knows your name'. Public houses, not watering holes.

Eve- One could argue that we are seeing an important step being made towards global communication being made.
I don't actually think the supremacy of English as a language is entirely a historical accident, I think one of the reasons it's speakers came to dominate the globe, is that it is the language with greatest possibilities for communication, as I will be arguing in a future post. It allows for more permutations of thought, hence I think it inevitable that ultimately, it will be the common language of humanity.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It's simple enough for everyone to learn, but deep enough to hold many meanings *unlike chinese, which is really deep, but not simple at all! :-)*