Sunday 30 December 2007

Why Depeche Mode Stand Alone

Tonight's Music post, is going to be brief. Fact is, I'm not feeling well today, so I'm simply leaving the music to tell it's own story.

And that story is, that Depeche Mode are the greatest band of all time.

They hold a very special place in the development of music in the last thirty years. They are, put simply, in a class above. And I give you tonight, three of their best album non-singles. The track above, is Halo from Violator (1989).

This is 'New Dress', from Black Celebration (1986). It's rare you'll see it played live now, for obvious reasons. Still, it makes a powerful point.
These guys were (and are) amazing.

And lastly, Sister of Night, from Ultra (1998). This track holds a special place in the hearts of any Depeche Mode fans. This was the track that David Gahan first recorded after overcoming his heroin addiction, this is the track that saw his return to life, and showed that there is hope, that love and music can conquer all dark places.

When the History of twentieth century music is written, this is one group who will hold a prominent place.


Anonymous said...

They definitly have a place in my heart that can never be replaced. I just love “If you tolerare this Your Children will be next” and “You stole the sun from my heart”… Nice to have some meaning behind the lyrics… not to forget their version of “Personal Jesus”.

Have a wicked 2008 cbi!

Anonymous said...

Crushed, I love the way you're passionate about your music, but you don't trot it out solely to define yourself. A healthy balance, you have. Sorry for the yoda-speak. ; ) Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this. i agree with you - DM IS the greatest band on earth. :)