Thursday 24 May 2007

Bank Holiday Chaos

Another bank holiday weekend looming.
And I have absolutely no idea what exactly I am supposed to be doing.

The Baker had invited me to join him watching Bristol Rovers play Shrewsbury Town at Wembley.
Live Football. Wembley.
Don't have to think too hard about that.

He rings last night, having failed miserably to purchase the tickets.

Bang goes that plan.

But he had an alternative.

Apparently Judge Jules is playing at some dive in Telford, which for the benefit of non UK readers is a hole somwhere near Wolverhampton.

Of course, where The Baker is involved, nothing is ever that simple. In fact trying to keep track of the constantly changing blueprint for the weekend is beyond me.

What will be, will be...


Anonymous said...

I'll be playing with myself in the garden. Flamenco guitar that is, with a nice glass of chilled wine - that's if the bloody weather holds out.

Anonymous said...

You assume that people who live in the UK know where Telford is?

Anonymous said...

Well E-K, I hope you enjoy yourself.
I've booked Tuesday off, suspecting some excess will take place.

David, I admit we live in a nation poor on even geographical knowledge of this island.

When you here a colleague who drives for a living ask if Exeter is near Lancashire, you despair.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to finding out what you end up doing, Crushed. At least your life isn't boring!

Anonymous said...

It's changed again, Welshcakes. There's some talk of a party in Oswestry, but I suspect well end up in Manchester or Birmingham. Basically we're arguing the toss, because each of those suits one of us better than the other...
(Basically, no posts this weekend if it's Manchester...)