Saturday 26 May 2007

The First Album I Ever Bought

It does look very dated in production technology, but I felt a whole new world when I first heard it. I was about fourteen.


Anonymous said...

My first album was Matchbox 20's yourself or someone like you. I loved that it stayed in the charts for so long, even though none of my friends actually liked them.

To this day they remain in the top three favourite bands/artists, and I would love to hear a guy admit that he'd turn for Rob Thomas.

And to this day, no matter how stressed or upset I am, the first chords of the first song on that album will ALWAYS calm me down.

Anonymous said...

My first album was The Slider by T Rex

Anonymous said...

Blimey! Mine was the soundtrack of "South Pacific". My first EP [that's "extended play" for you young things] was "Love Me Do" by the Beatles - and I still have it!