Thursday 31 May 2007

Slight Apprehension.

My best mate has taken a sudden interest in my flatmate.

This creates somewhat of a moral dilemma.

I love my mate to bits, but I would advise my sister (if I had one) to stay well clear.

He rang last night to ask if I had a problem with him coming over for the weekend to make a move. Obviously, I gave my permission (He did offer some bribes.)

I have told her that he is coming and that he is interested.
She asked my advice.
I have told her she can surely understand why I can not comment at all.

I have a distinct sense that this may lead to a situation that is downright messy and to be honest, I want nothing to with it.

But you see there is always the possibility it is for the best.
Maybe she is the one he is looking for.
And vice versa.

Maybe I should trust in the good sense of two people who matter to me very much in different ways.


Anonymous said...

Big mistake trusting in good sense where nookie is involved.

You are in a no win situation. The easiest and safest way, for you, is to keep out of it.

Anonymous said...

I agree: keep out of it. Even doing that you are in for trouble but it might be a little less.

Anonymous said...

none of your beeswax... if he's a slimeball, and she has the good sense, it'll naturally fall apart.

Anonymous said...

Ms Smack of course, has hit the nail on the head.

Just to explain; there are two of my friends who are closer than family to me.
We are talking about one of them.

My relationship with my flatmate is close. We don't sleep together, but we do spend a lot of time together and tell eachother everything.

I am in the situation of being a reluctant dating agency, and I will still be living with her when he has moved on, and will still also be spending one weekend out of three clubbing with my friend.

That's uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

O dear!!

I come by your blog quite randomly ... hopping hopping hopping from various people's comments ...

Some entertaining stuff you've posted here, that's for sure!

I'm at gledwood2.blogspot if you want to drop by...

C ya later maybe .. meanwhile ALL THE BEST to you ... I notice you said Oceania but where are you... I can't find out without pressing return and coming out of this comment... I was saying to an Aussie lady called Merle only yesterday I hardly find any antipodean blogs ever ... no idea why ... glad I found yours though ...

Take it easy
& all the best 2u
Gledwood "vol 2" ...

Anonymous said...

Ms Smack seems like a sensible answer. But I'd have to disagree.

If he fucks her over, that's her business just like it would be if he didn't :)

You should warn her about what you think of him (trust me, it'll make her want him more) and tell him that you are warning her.

Be honest, but if THEY decide to do whatever, then you can't assume responsibility after the fact no matter how it goes.

(unless of course he gets physically abusive, then proceed to take those steps MS Smack was suggesting)

Anonymous said...

If you must do anything then next time they are together say to her that she must need her head examined going out with him because 'insert truth here' Then you can say you warned her and at the same time you ain't doing it behind her back.

Question ; If you talk to her so much then why doesn't she already know about him?

Girls love the bad boys.

Anonymous said...

Gledwood, Thanks for your comments, I'll pop by and take a look.

Lord Nazh, my friend is, and I MEAN this, the NICEST guy, you'd ever met.

I mean that. Otherwise we wouldn't have ten years friendship behind us. But I know him. As he knows me. And he's hurt a LOT of women.

And I don't want my flatmate joining that club.

Bag. Of couse she knows. But she doesn't KNOW.
She is not a player.

Hell, she has me analyise her text messages to see what's meant betwen the lines.

People generally, do not think badly of my friend.
He means a lot to me.
But so does my flatmate. I live with her, don't I?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like what Ms Smack and Bag say. Best to be up front and tell them about your anxiety, lightly but truthfully, in front of them both. I am sure the reaction will be informative and you will have been straight with them about how you feel. Then move out.

Anonymous said...

I am stuggling with the concept of "NICEST" guy coupled with "hurting a LOT of women"...Surely a really NICE guy would take some responsibility for himself around women and take steps not to "hurt a LOT of women"?

I have never been really hurt by a NICE man. In fact the only man who ever did me any lasting damage was very NASTY indeed..

How does that work?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have just considered my last comment. I knew a really NICE guy. He was a big hit with the ladies. Different one on his arm every week. I thought he was a cunt who just used them and then fucked them off...until I slept with him. Then I said, on seeing his erection "You are NOT putting that thing anywhere NEAR me". Extreme I know, rude even. But it was HUGE. I mean FUCKING HUGE.