Thursday 17 May 2007


I think dogs are one of the best things on the planet.
Dogs are such a positive feature of the world we live in.
If you haven't included them on your list of things that make it all worth it, you should.

It is always a regret to me that, due to work and a social life that involves a fair amount of not being home, having one of my own is just not practical. But it is definitely something I miss.

To me, dogs aren't animals. They occupy a kind of halfway house between us and animalkind. I don't tend to get overemotional about blue whales or tigers, but I get emotional about the Dogs Trust advert. Dogs are like children should be but aren't. Better, because they are furry, cuddly and fun. They love play fights, they love going to sleep in your lap and they make you laugh with the funny things they do.

Furthermore, I maintain that anyone who says that dogs are stupid, or that cats are clever, just has never spent much time with dogs. I have found they behave in a manner which betrays a logic second only to ours. These are tame wolves bred over forty thousand years for their ability to think like us.

Fortunately, I am able to be a surrogate dog owner due to friends who have dogs and the fact that a couple of pubs I frequent have 'pub' dogs. I often find myself with other people's dogs asleep in my lap as I stroke the top of their heads.

I actually believe that people who don't love dogs are flawed people. Dogs are justly called man's best friend.
Certainly I have known dogs I am proud to have called my friends.


Anonymous said...

Dogs are good but I also like cats. Their character is more like mine.

Anonymous said...

Simone the dog and I are in total agreement with you!

Anonymous said...

I think all animals are really quite underrated. They have as much variation in their personalities as people. There are sweet, smart, stupid, cunning and lazy animals. you can also get arsehole animals too. The whole spectrum is there. Though in the animal kingdom there seems to be less of the arsehole animals, because to survive animals need to work together, and the mean ones just don't survive.

Anonymous said...

I can definitely rank dogs higher than ducks. Our fairly annoying dog is loving and very loyal, despite all the perceived lack of attention on his part. Dogs definitely over cats too.

Anonymous said...

I love dogs but I also have a love for rats who I think mimic dos in intelligence and the love and loyalty they give.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. I'd go even further than you, by deciding, "I could never marry a man who didn't love dogs." (Used to screen my bfs by bringing them to meet my dog!);-)

Anonymous said...

I love them, but they make me sneeze.

It's unfortunate.