Monday 28 May 2007

Concern For a Friend

Myself and The Baker had a long talk this weekend regarding The Chimney Sweep.

We are a little worried for him.

His girlfriend has started to talk about marriage increasingly seriously, and certain remarks of hers could be interpreted as veiled threats.

There are a number of problems here.
Firstly, The Chimney Sweep is not famed for his decisiveness. Nor his resistance to pressure.
He could well be steamrollered into this.
He loves her in the sense that he's now hit thirty and believes his options are running out, so he settles for comfort and calls it love.

Both myself and The Baker have suspicions regarding her motives.
The reasons are simple.

She is a nurse from Zimbabwe and it would be very convenient for her to marry a British Citizen.
Neither myself or The Baker have been satisfied in our conversations with her, that even if this is not her sole motivation, it does not play some part.
Especially when she lets slip the high lifestyle she thinks should be hers by right.
I have actually spoken to her directly about her plans. I said that I was sure she understood why I was concerned.
I still was not happy after our discussion.

Myself and The Baker agree we are right to be concerned.
What is more, we both know from conversations with The Chimney Sweep, that he hestitates precisely because he sometimes worries about her motivation too.
What is also clear is that if we make it too obvious that we are suspicious, The Chimney Sweep may well be put under curfew and we will be unable to help him when he needs us.

We watch with interest and some anxiety.


Anonymous said...

And what is your nickname? The candlestick maker?

Anonymous said...

In this context, none.
The pseudonyms are chosen for different reasons.

But the Chimney Sweep is actually i name we call him.

Anonymous said...

tell us in any context you wriggler.

Anonymous said...

I will give her a go! I have British Citizenship and am likely to be as attractive as your friend - the Sweep.Incidentally, I have some business with flues he may be interested in... **winks suggestively**

Anonymous said...

Does Fingers not like me?? Nor does Uber! Oh dear I only joined the internet to make friends and I seem to make enemies....

Anonymous said...

Difficult position. Depending on your relationship.

Best you can do is tell him you are concerned, explain why and leave it with him.

Anything else you do could cost you your friendship.

Anonymous said...

Yes, as friends it is hard to stand by and watch this unfold. Especially when you know him so well, and you are aware if what she is up to.
But, he is an adult, he will have to make his own mistakes. You as, friends will probably always be there to pick up the pieces.
Been there, done that before. Sad reality.

Anonymous said...

chimney needs to sweep his flue clean by telling her how he really feels (now i sound like a shrink). maybe then he can sweep a woman off her feet that he truly can love without reservation or underlying agenda.

Anonymous said...

marrying someone for a for a foreign passport...what kind of bastard would do that??? eh?? eh??

*dances off with her citizenship papers gleefully*

Anonymous said...

I would be very careful about accusing someone of marrying to get British Citizenship. This maybe the case but you seem to have no evidece of this other than she is talking about marriage which in itself isen't a crime. Would you still be asking the same question if it were two English people talking about the same thing? All you can do is talk to your friend about your concerns and leave it at that and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Thans for yor thoughts, people.
We have talked about it, The Chimney Sweep and myself had a fairly frank discussion a couple of months ago.

Dark Angel- Quite obviously I wouldn't ask the question if both parties were English- there would be no threat of ulterior motive.
I have valid reason to be concerned. As you say, I have no proof and I HOPE that my fears are unfounded.

But the fact that all three of us have noticed the same warning signs means, to my mind, that a close eye should be kept on the situation.

I do actually like the girl, and hope she DOES actually care for my friend as much as he deserves, because he's one of the best.
Which is why I look out for him.

Anonymous said...

Suggest he reads A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian.

Anonymous said...

Poor Chimney Sweep. He sounds a nice kind of guy who could get bamboozled into it. Let's hope he listens to his own instinct.