Friday 25 May 2007

I'd be a Spider Monkey

OK. Here's the deal.

You've offended a sorceror and he's going to turn you into an animal.

But he's feeling benevolent, and he's letting you choose the animal you're going to be for the rest of your life.

You have one minute to choose.
Otherwise you're a Sea Squirt.

Choose carefully.


Anonymous said...

I would be a flea- cuz I would get a massive penis, half the length of me.

Anonymous said...

Dolphin. The only other creature to have sex for fun.
And uber - if you wanted such a big penis, go for a barnacle. They've go the largest penis relative to body size of all creatures. Or a sperm whale. Its like six (or nine) feet and completely mobile, kinda like our tongues.

Anonymous said...

Can I offer oral sex to the sorcerer to make up for my offense? I like being me.

Anonymous said...

Miss Uber, what type of flea?
Are getting your sustenance from the the genitalia of monkeys?

In which I stick with my original choice.

Phishez, let me finish this book I'm reading on 'How to turn people in to animals'
Then I'll tell you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, let me think. Any animal? In 5 seconds or less...!!!


What? So I like practical solutions...

Failing that, a dog. ...and no...not for that reason...

Anonymous said...

head Honcho Flea, of course

Anonymous said...

The sorcerer does not appear to specify that it cannot be a mythical animal, and since we have sorcerers in this hypothetical, I don't see why we can't have dragons. So that's my answer. A fire breathing dragon. Then I'd burn the sorcerer's long, white beard off.

(and yes, I did it less than a minute, btw.)

Anonymous said...

Some interesting choices.

Captain S, I suppose it depends on his sorcerous abilities to create mythical beasts.

Anonymous said...

Jack Russell Terrier- but one with testicles this time!!