Wednesday 30 May 2007

Quite Possibly, the Worst Country in the World. Apart from All those Other Ones.

I confess, this is a pretty lousy country in many ways.
And getting lousier by the day.

Life in the UK is not quite as fun as the TV tells you.

Sure, a lot of people must be able to spend quite a bit of money. Hence all those programmes about buying houses, or interior decoration.

But in reality, we work long hours at pointless jobs, aspiring to rent our homes from the building society, rather than a landlord.

We don't even really have much of a culture any more.

But aside from the fact that we don't live in a polarised, anger filled, failing economy like France, or a society of self-loathing, like the Germans, or worse, any one of those hundred or so other nations where everyday life is so miserable, you or I can not even consider it, there are things about this country that make it home.

Like it or not, whatever we might think, we don't really yearn for open spaces.

We are used to a land of Housing estates, Out of town shopping centres, Business Parks, Heritage sights, Power stations, Inner city ghettoes, Areas of outstanding natural beauty and Victorian Architecture.

We are used to a culture of Beer, Football, Soap Operas, Shakespeare, Tabloid journalism, Indian food and Hooliganism.

Where people never say what they are thinking, are cultured in small talk, where office politics are more complex than national politics, where the girls are loose and the lads are drunk. These people you understand.

So yes, it's no Paradise.
But it's home.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Crushed. Nice title. IT's awfully funny the things you miss when you are away from the UK - sometimes I miss places I never went to much! And I do miss cool, proper rain, especially in summer. "Not saying what we mean" - that's the most difficult one for Italians to figure out about the British. Oh, and I miss punctuality, too. Here a concert can be billed to start at 9 and start at 10.45 pm!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you remembered Shakespeare. Let's also remember our lovely English villages and history, our lovely gardens - did you mention the queueus too?

Anonymous said...

A country and culture is the sum of its peoples. All you can do is play your part to make things better.

Anonymous said...

i love it here! i wake up every morning, remember i am in the UK and skip around the whole day thinking its my birthday i am so happy to be here. seriously.

Anonymous said...

The English Theme Pubs they have abroad are never very convincing...

Anonymous said...

being from the states, those are the things i love about the uk... and it keeps me going back for more.

Anonymous said...

Whereas I am often suprised at the ppl who would risk life and limb to get in.I owuld risk that to GET OUT! BUt will miss it terribly when I am gone as I always do.
It's the greenery and boutiques, the lovely flowers and woods.

Anonymous said...

i like the beer. Mum says it's good for a growing 8 year old to drink it heaps...

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you lived in Australia.

Except for the Shakespear bit.

Anonymous said...

Raffi, You always prefer what you have always known.
Uber, I couldn't live anywhere that wasn't mainly built up. It'd feel wierd.
Pixie. I'd miss the Beer. I don't drink Lager.
Phishez, Sounds like Australia is a home from home then.
Then, I always think that when I watch Australian films. Much more like the UK then Europe, or even America.

Anonymous said...

I love my country and am getting to appreciate it and its culture more as I grow older.

I go to work in the morning, driving along the sea front and each and every time I see it, I am taken aback by its gloriousness, and how fortunate I am.