Tuesday 15 May 2007

Being Persecuted

I am being subjected to a campaign of textual harrassment.
This might sound amusing, but it's not. I alluded to it in a recent post, but last night it started to get decidedly unpleasant and a little scary.

The text messages accuse me of all sorts of sick perversions and are quite hurtful. I cannot see how I deserve this. I was always very kind to the person concerned and even lent her money- which still has not been repaid.
It is true that elements of my lifestyle do not accord with her ideals, but then again I never lied to her and pretended traditional monogamous relationships were my thing.

I contacted a friend last night and after I forwarded a couple of the messages, she advised contacting the police. This I will not do.
She did say that was part of the problem with what I call 'non-platonic short term friendships'. It needn't be, but I concede that it can cause problems, and you can't always spot the bunny boilers in advance.

I must admit I am now quite freaked out. Advice anyone?


Anonymous said...

call them what they are - sex budies.

Tell her to shut it or you phone the police and your local mental institute.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ms Smack. This person is obviously very immature but it seems to have got out of hand now. I would go to the police if I were in Britain. i'm sorry you're being subjected to this.

Anonymous said...

I actually know the person in questions that your talking about, she's a friend of mine who I'v known for years. Number 1-She's not a bunnyboiler and number 2-She has shown me texts that you have sent to her which are a bit sick. Also she takes the fact of the missing child Madeline McCann seriously whereas you obviousley don't as you've apparently said that it doesent matter and you only watch the news if it is important. A missing child is important.. She told me about this blog you do and said it was really good and there are some really good points that your making. Some of the things she's text you are bang out of order but you shoulden't send her sick texts.

Anonymous said...

OK, anonymous- though obviously, I can guess who you actually are- would be unethical of me to delete your comment, it would make me a hypocrite, but slightly unsure why you commented.

I do not want to hear from your friend again. Period. As in I posted this because she was scaring the sh1t out of me.

If you have read the texts in question, you will be awarethat my sole response has been to ask why she is texting me and what value she gets out of such bitterness.

The 'sick' texts you refer to are must date back several weeks at least and I presume you are referring to my admission that I'd get more aroused by her if she swung a bit more.

We're clearly have different life objectives. She wants to marry and have kids, whereas I would never marry on principle and actually practice what I preach with regards to free love. That doesn't mean I deserve to be accused of the things your friend accused me of now, does it?

As regards this bloody Madeleine thing she keeps going on about- Jesus- no, I only watch newsnight and BBC Parliament for news, so yes I didn't know about the missing child for days after it had happened and yes, I DO switch such stories off when they caome on because I don't beleive in dwelling morbidly on such things. I've explained this to her in depth.

I sincerely hope that this is the last I hear on the subject.
Contrary to what seems to be some people's idea, this blog is NOT designed as a way of contacting me.

I am hoping this comments section is finished now and neither my phone or this blog are pestered on this subject again.